Midnight Club DLC Staggers Late Onto Xbox Live

DLC available now

Posted by Staff
Midnight Club DLC Staggers Late Onto Xbox Live
Good news for patient Xbox 360-owning Midnight Club fans!

Rockstar has just sent out the following statement: "The Xbox 360 version of Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central has officially launched onto Xbox LIVE."

SPOnG's checked and it is, indeed, good to go. The content was delayed last week due to a technical hitch.

The DLC adds, in Rockstar's words, "brand new cars, more vinyls, tons of upgradeable parts, fresh beats, hydraulics, and more. All of this is in addition to a huge free map expansion that adds four new neighborhoods to an already sprawling virtual Los Angeles." You don't need to take Rockstar's word for it, though. See SPOnG's hands-on here.


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