Nintendo: Miyamoto's Development Secret Revealed

Ever wanted to know how all those Nintendo classics were made?

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Resistance: Retribution: banana skins? (Read the story)
Resistance: Retribution: banana skins? (Read the story)
Forget everything you've read about video game development, what you really need is more silliness. At least this is true if you're the creative driving force behind games for what is fast one of the most successful pieces of hardware in gaming history (phew...).

For example, let's say you are Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. Let's say you're explaining your design philosophy to a magazine such as Rolling Stone. Here's the development secret you would spill:

"The typical pattern when we're developing our games is that the development teams will work very diligently to make the game and I'll take a look at it and say "why does this game feel so serious? You need some more silly things in there."

Simple as that... although it does make it sound as if Shiggy is the David Brent of game design. Anyway, we now expect Call of Duty: World at War to include clowns as DLC. GTA IV's own DLC should include whoopy cushions. And as for Resistance: Retribution for PSP.... how about banana skins?


ajmetz 8 Nov 2008 04:48
Fun, Fun, Fun. =D !!
OptimusP 8 Nov 2008 14:14
Aah, fun...who knew...

But it's more then that, i think Shigsy's genius is that he invents something fun for a game (like the banana peels) but then forces to have the game be redesigned around that/those item(s) so the item seems "part" of the game, coherent design is the key concept and Shigsy is a master in that.

That's where his famous qoute "upending the tea-table" comes from, it are the sessions where Shigsy checks the game on coherence and if he doesn't like it, he "upends the teatable" and demands redesigns.
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