Quake Wars' Wedgewood: If a Publisher Buys You - You Die

But: things not too bad for UK industry

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Paul Wedgwood
Paul Wedgwood
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As controversy swirls around the future of Vivendi-owned studios following the company's merger with Activision, Paul Wedgwood of Enemy Territory Quake Wars developer Splash Damage told SPOnG that studios that are bought by publishers probably don't have a future.

Asked by SPOnG, in light of the doom and gloom some seem to perceive around the UK games industry, how he sees our home-grown offering, Wedgwood said, “I don't really see... I mean, I see publishers shutting studios that they've bought, but then I'm anti publisher-owned independent studios anyway. That just follows my perspective of how I think things will turn out – if you get bought by a publisher you probably don't have a future."

Earlier in the week, Activision Blizzard said that it is “exploring options”, including "divestiture" of Birmingham-based Swordfish Studios. Swordfish is among several once-independent Vivendi studios that are facing "realignment" or having their options explored.

On a brighter note for our guys based in good old Albion, Wedgwood went on, “For the UK industry as a whole, though, I think people like Rockstar North, Ninja Theory, Rebellion, Relentless, Splash Damage – we'd probably argue that there isn't a problem with the games industry in the UK.”

Keep your eyes on SPOnG for the full interview soon.


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