E3: Ghostbusters Answer the Call

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E3: Ghostbusters Answer the Call
If you were alive in the '80s and like absolutely anything at all, Ghostbusters has a special place in your heart. SPOnG isn't an exception to either of those categories (well, with the exception of Young Daniel SPOnG), so we've got this new video from Vivendi to yank you back to the days of mullets, shoulder pads and unashamed cheese.

We just have one bone to pick with Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis (who scripted the original movies and will do the same for the game) - the whole 'crossing streams' thing. Did they really have to write a line that would lead to juveniles everywhere waving their tackle at us as we stand at the pub toilet trough? Really? What about our shoes?

Anyway, tuck into the video.


config 15 Jul 2008 18:39
Hmm. Could this be more Ghostbuster 2 (love-powered Statue of Liberty FFS) than Ghostbuster (dog's & cat's living together + Sigourney hotness)?

I'm just not feeling the Ghostbusters vibe with this trailer - it's more movie than it is gameplay footage.
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