Metal Gear Solid Creator Gets on the Guinness

World Records that is...

Posted by Staff
Metal Gear Solid Creator Gets on the Guinness
Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear series, has been down in that London this week to pick up a couple of certificates from Guinness World Records.

Firstly, he has bagged one for work he did a couple of decades ago on the original Metal Gear. As far as Guinness World Records is concerned the game was the first to "fully utilize stealth as part of the gameplay", effectively creating the stealth genre - although various games had used stealth in smaller doses previously. It's a bit on the vague side as world records go and whiffs ever so slightly of a good PR opportunity for both parties in the face of MGS4's impending launch...

Less vague is the other certificate Kojima picked up. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the Patriots, it has been decided, is the biggest selling stealth game on the PS2.

You may remember that Kojima was already scheduled to be in London this week, meeting the public at HMV.

The certificates were presented by Keith Pullin, editor of Guinness World Records: Gamerís Edition 2008. "I would like to welcome Mr. Kojima to our family of gaming record breakers and we hope he breaks many more!" Pullin said. Thankfully, if Kojima does go on to break any more records it could well be on the Metal Gear series. He recently said that he will not be forever retiring from the franchise, as had been previously expected.


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