Rockstar Bullys Its Way To Writers Award

Err, sorry, we mean Canis Canem Edit

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Rockstar Bullys Its Way To Writers Award
The winners of the Writers? Guild of Great Britain Awards 2007 were announced last night, with Dan Houser and Jacob Krarup picking up the best videogame script award for Rockstar?s schoolboy caper Canis Canem Edit (formerly known as Bully).

Nice, one Rockstar! SPOnG has played Canis to death and ? lawmakers and anti-videogaming campaigners take note ? it has not made us want to bully anybody any more so than we previously did before playing the game. It did, however, make us laugh a lot and kept us hugely entertained for months. Funny that?

The awards ceremony was hosted by (extremely) funnyman Jeremy Hardy at BAFTA last night. Also nominated for the award was Dan Houser and David Bland for Rockstar's very own Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Charles Cecil and Neil Richards for Broken Sword: Angel of Death.

Xbox 360 and Wii owners will soon be able to get their filthy mitts on Bully: Scholarship Edition later this very month.


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