Football Manager 2008 ? New PC and Mac Demos Available

Don the sheepskin coat and get ready for a virtual new season

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Football Manager 2008 – New PC and Mac Demos Available
It?s the time of year in the SPOnG office when the football fans really start to get over-excited. Yes, that?s right, Sports Interactive has released new demos of Football Manager 2008 for PC and Mac.

Sports Interactive has unleashed two different flavours of demo,a Vanilla version and Strawberry version.

The Vanilla demo features "English & Scottish quickstarts, no assets, no histories, no 'facegen'". The Strawberry demo features "Quickstarts - England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil and Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark)". It's also only available via The News of the World website... nice.

Download the demos from the official Football Manager website right away at Football Manager 2008

Footballer?s wives and widows across the land can now weep with the sheer injustice of SI demanding even more time of their spouses.


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