New Sin City Game Lined Up - MARVellous

Based on the graphic novels... not the movie

Posted by Staff
Frank Miller - mastermind behind 300, Daredevil and Batman Dark Knight Returns has entered into an agreement with Crusty Demons - The Game and Jackass - The Game developer, Red Mile Entertainment to produce multi-player games based on the Sin City series of graphic novels - "Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed".

"Sin City enjoys a broad and devoted following. Its crime noire settings, richly detailed characters, hyper-real action sequences, and engaging stories provide an outstanding groundwork for video games," said Chester Aldridge, CEO of Red Mile Entertainment.

"Yes, we all know that", said the SPOnG newsroom this morning. "What kind of games? When are they out? What platforms?" we asked back.

"Red Mile is enthusiastic about working with Frank Miller to create a franchise that is worthy of this great property," said Chester (well, his press release did).

"Right, thanks, so... this is largely about the deal then", we said. "What does Frank think? Is he excited?"

"Taking Sin City into the world of video games is very exciting, games offer a whole new way to bring audiences into Sin City," said Frank.

"Okay, guess we'll have to wait for actual game-related news in amongst all the talk of excitement and franchises", we said.

Anyway, we're excited about a multi-player Sin City franchise tie in to the valuable IP... damn!


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