Virtual Console Gets Linked Up (Again)

This weeks VC offerings

Posted by Staff
Things are pretty sparse on the Virtual Console front this week. Nintendo's bringing us two new offerings: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Castlevania.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past hails from the golden years of the SNES, or 1991 if you're feeling precise. Hailed (as Zelda games always seem to be) as a classic and developed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto himself, it features Link answering a psychic distress signal from (and there are no prizes for guessing this, folks) Princess Zelda. Surely it can't be long before Nintendo runs out of Zelda games to put on VC? The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is yours for 800 Wii points (or 5.60 if you still use that money stuff).

Castlevania comes courtesy of Konami. It's the old-school 1986 NES version being used, no fancy-pants N64 stuff here. It was one of the first games to feature a horror-based plot, loosely following the storyline of Dracula. The offering follows Microsoft serving up Castlevania: Symphony of Night on Wednesday. Castlevania will set you back 500 Wii points (3.50)

This week's games bump the running total up to 67, for those keeping count.


dr_faulk 23 Mar 2007 08:13
Wait, wasn't Castlevania for NES released ages ago on the VC?

Oh, no, that was the SNES one, wasn't it?
billson 23 Mar 2007 15:03
aye, that was super castlevania, this is the one that was released on the nes classics series on the gba some time back. speaking of VC, i have link to the past on the gba BUT i cant find it, which sucks as i really wanted to play it after completing twilight princess. anyone reckon i should buy a copy of the VC one?
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