New Lumines Content on Live Appeases Angry Puzzle Fans

Too little, too late?

Posted by Staff
Fans of Q Entertainment’s brain-meltingly good music-puzzler Lumines Live on Xbox Live Arcade will be more than happy to know that there are three new pieces of content releasing for the game next week. Check out the latest bunch of screens we just received from Microsoft right here.

Additionally, XBLA puzzle freaks will be even happier to know that there is a much better (and fairer) pricing scheme for the add-ons with a Puzzle/Mission pack and a Vs. CPU pack both costing 100 Microsoft Points apiece (less than a quid) available until February 21.

There’s also a free Heavenly Star Skin (for Gold members at least) being made available which adds a new background plus Genki Rockets’ 'Heavenly Star' – that tune we find ourselves humming like a crazy person on the bus to work each morning!

The Puzzle/Mission Pack adds 90 puzzles and 40 missions to the game's erm, puzzle and mission modes, and the Vs. CPU Pack adds a load of new versus CPU levels, Ronseal-style.

It’s certainly real value for money, and is most likely Microsoft’s response to the cries of outrage over expensive downloadable add-ons to Lumines Live last year. Do you think this latest move makes up for the overcharging debacle, or would it just be better for them to offer a bunch of totally free content to all Live users to appease them? Let us know your thoughts on this in the forum.

Read SPOnG’s full, unexpurgated interview with Q’s bossman, the illustrious Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who spoke his brains with us earlier this week.


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