New Order, Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers - PSP exclusive

Mizuguchi reveals awesome Lumines II video tracklist

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When SPOnG had the pleasure of seeing Tetsuya Mizuguchi speak at the Develop Conference in Brighton last week, he was noticeably excited to let the assembled developers and journalists in the audience know that Q Entertainment and Buena Vista Games would very shortly be telling us more about the soundtrack for the forthcoming PSP music puzzler, Lumines II.

And lo and behold, we've just been sent the press release from BVG with a (partial) list of the artists who's music and videos will appear in Lumines II. And, as we had hoped and expected, it's going to be a cracker.

Mizuguchi told us: "In order to showcase my vision for 'Lumines II,' we needed to find music and videos with just the right tone, mix and energy to incorporate into the game...I couldn't be happier with the result and am excited to get the game into players' hands."

Music videos appearing in the game will include (artist and song):

* Beck - "Black Tambourine"
* Black Eyed Peas - "Pump It"
* Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar"
* Fatboy Slim - "Gangster Trippin'"
* The Go! Team - "Bottle Rocket"
* Gwen Stefani - "Hollaback Girl"
* Hoobastank - "Born to Lead"
* Junior Senior - "Take My Time"
* Missy Elliott - "Lose Control"
* New Order - TBD

Two additional songs will also appear on the game's soundtrack:

* Junkie XL - "Breezer"
* Stigmato Inc - "Reality Check"

SPOnG is sure that you will agree from looking over this partial list of which tunes and videos will be appearing in the game that Mizuguchi and his team clearly love their music, and that they've obviously put a lot of thought and effort (and, no doubt, some serious cash) into securing the perfect sounds/videos for the game.

Whilst we await more news on Lumines II, which is down for a November release in the US, you can read more about what the great man himself had to say at Develop last week from SPOnG's news on the event.

You can also read more about Lumines II and see all the latest assets and screens at SPOnG's dedicated Lumines II page.


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