What you wanna know?

What is SPOnG?

SPOnG wants to be the IMDB of the computer games world. Our aim is to have all the information about all the games ever released, for every platform ever.

Why did you do SPOnG?

We got sick of waiting for someone else to do it. And a while ago, whilst Marcus was working at Team17 Software Martyn Brown was looking for a copy of Full Contact, Team17's first game. And there wasn't one in the building... and this company was just about 6 years old. This made us realise that when a company is small, and just starting out, it might not realise the importance of its early history. Computer games are becoming as culturally important as recorded music and films, but if we're not careful, the early history of the medium will be lost. So we decided to create an environment to store this important and interesting information.

Isn't documenting the entire history of the computer games industry a bit of a big task?

It sure is, which is why we have a team to assist us in doing it. That said, we still invite other games enthusiasts to submit information into SPOnG. We'll be working with people we know in the video games industry and enthusiasts around the world to make this the most complete and, just as importantly, accurate video games resource

I searched for details on my favourite game, and couldn't find anything!

First, take a look at our Search Help to make sure you used our search engine's full power.

If it's still not there, consider this: there is a listing for over 40,000 games in SPOnG... and we're adding more every day. But we're only human. If there's a game you know about, and you'd like other people to know about it, submit what you know to SPOnG. If everyone does that, next time you look for something, it will probably be there!

What does SPOnG mean?

SPOnG stands for Super Players On-line Gamebase!

Yes, but what does SPOnG really mean?

People of a less understanding nature please go elsewhere now...
In the 1990s, while working on Amiga Format magazine, Damien Noonan, Tim Smith, Richard Jones and Marcus Dyson used to play a lot of pinball. Pinball is a game which notoriously breaks the laws of physics and logic. On occasion, when a player performed an action of monumental stupidity and yet somehow managed to save their ball, get a multiball and win the game, the term, "You spawny mong!" was heard around the room along with various expletives. This was soon contracted to 'Spong'. And it kinda stuck.

Yes, but what does SPOnG REALLY mean?

SPOnG is the name for the piece of land which forms a projection from an otherwise rectangular field.