Still haven't found what you're looking for? Some Help on Searching...

If you didn't find the game you expected, or even any games at all, don't worry! Don't panic! We list tens of thousands of games, and we try very, very hard to list every game ever released, so the chances are, it is in SPOnG. But bear these things in mind...


Maybe the way you spelled the game name, and the way it's listed in SPOnG are different. We always take our spellings from the Box or Title Screen of the game. And where there are variations (as in 'Buggaboo the Flea', which was also know as 'Booga-Boo the Flea') we try to list both. But if you don't get any result try again with an alternative spelling.


Many games, like 'Grand Theft Auto' are better know by their abbreviations. We try hard to list a game under both the full name and the abbreviation, but we aren't perfect, and we might miss a few, so if searching for "TR3" doesn't get the results you expect, try "Tomb Raider 3"

Roman and Arabic numerals

If you searched on "Quake 3", and got nothing, it might be because the game is listed under "Quake Three" or "Quake III". We usually list games as it appears on the box, but we try to list them under the obvious alternatives too. If one number system doesn't work, try one of the others.


Some games have apostrophes in the name, we try to reproduce these titles exactly as they are on the game's packaging. So searching for "Adidas Power Soccer 98" might not get you the result you desire, because the game is listed as "Adidas Power Soccer '98" (note the apostrophe).


Some games with names such as "Block Buster" may be listed as "Blockbuster". If you search with the space in, you won't find the game. Remember to try both.

Also, be very careful not to leave a space at the end of your search term, if you searched on "Doom " (note the space on the end) your search would return "Doom 2" but not the original game.

General Advice

Don't be too specific with your search. All the search issues mentioned above can be dealt with be reducing the length of your search term. For instance searching on "Doo" will find "Doom", "Doom 2" or "Doom II". But it will also find "Dinky Doo", "Voodoo Rage" and some 100+ other games.

Too many results

If reducing the search term gives you too many results. Or if you are searching for a game with a very vague title, b"V" for instance, search for an exact match will give a far more specific set of results.

Super Search

SPOnG's super search lets you set several parameters for each search. So in our example above, we can look for "Doo" but restrict our list to Playstation platform. Instead of 60-something results, this returns just three games, "Doom" and "Final Doom" included.You can find our super search under the 'Search' button at the top of every page.