Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island

The classic arcade game of pinball undergoes an extreme reworking in Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island for the PC.

Posted by Staff
From the co- developers of the popular "Unreal Tournament" PC title, the game will take pinball gaming through an adventure-based story through a series of incredible 3D realms and worlds fused with fast-paced action.

Adventure Pinball is a fully interactive 3D pinball adventure game in which the player journeys through a number of increasingly difficult pinball tables, or stages, in order to save the denizens of Forgotten Island - a prehistoric island filled with dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures untouched by modern civilization. To succeed, the player must complete a multitude of challenging events that will open a series of passages to allow access to the next stage as well as earning points.

The game extends itself beyond the traditional "twitch"-reaction style of gameplay through the element of strategy. In order to be successful, the player will need to use their wits and intuition to get through the different stages. For example, to finish a stage, the player will need to feed a Brontosaurus by first acquiring a waterball and then using it to water growing flowers which will attract the Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus will start eating the grown flowers and any ball that gets near him will be lifted to the next table by his mouth.

Utilizing the Unreal Tournament game engine, Adventure Pinball will feature vibrant 3D locations, fluid movement and moments that are unlike anything ever seen before in pinball gaming. Examples include: Pinballs will catch fire and drift over waterfalls. Ancient Pterodactyls will grab pinballs and fly away, dropping them in another level of the table. Sharks patrol a lagoon, daring the player to hit them with the pinball. Cavemen will attempt to swat balls away with their wooden clubs.

Competitive, turn-based multiplayer support of up to four will enrich the overall game experience.

Utilizes the Unreal Tournament game engine to help provide fast-paced action, crisp and highly detailed graphics.

Exciting adventure-based storyline that progresses through successes and accomplishments in each stage.

Nine widely varied 3D levels with numerous sights and challenges, including hidden areas and powerups.

Encounter creatures ranging from dinosaurs to bats.

Players must also use intelligence and intuition to complete and progress through the various stages.

Competitive turn-based multiplayer supports up to four players on one computer.