Get Set For a Sonic Boom on Your Mobile Phone!

iFone launches SEGA?s Sonic The Hedgehog on mobile phones.

Posted by Staff
MANCHESTER ENGLAND, January 9th 2006 ? The world?s favourite turbo-charged blue hedgehog is set to return and appear on mobile phones everywhere this February in Sonic The Hedgehog Part 1, published by iFone, one of the world?s leading developers and publishers of wireless entertainment.

Sonic The Hedgehog Part 1 is an exact re-creation of the first three zones of the original Mega Drive game, Sonic The Hedgehog, losing none of the speed, sound effects or gameplay of the much loved, with Sonic capable of all the moves from the Mega Drive game.

(Sonic The Hedgehog Part 2 releasing later this year will contain the last three zones from the original Sonic The Hedgehog). Taking players back to a fondly remembered yesteryear, Sonic must once again tackle Dr Ivo Robotnik, the mad scientist, who is snatching innocent animals and turning them in to evil robots! Using his power sneakers which give him his super speed, players must help Sonic fight hordes of metal maniacs by using his Super Sonic Spin Attack, collecting his iconic golden rings along the way allowing him to recover a Chaos Emerald from each stage with a total of eight in the game in order to bring order back to the world of Mobius.

Speed down twisting tunnels and swing over dangerous booby traps, leap across lava pits and dodge burning rocks, then splash through the chilling waters in an underground cavern before facing the ultimate challenge lurking in a secret lab by coming face to face with Dr Robotnik himself!

Be Atomic! Be Sonic!!

Game Features

  • An exact recreation of the first three zones of the original Sonic The Hedgehog on the Mega Drive; Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone and Star Light Zone, including all of the speed, sound effects and gameplay from the much loved classic

  • Perform all of Sonic?s trademark moves from the original game such as sprinting at break-neck speeds left and right, looking up and down when stationary, crouching and his famous spin attack when moving

  • Appearances by all of Sonic?s insidious ?Badnik? enemies including the Buzz Bombers, Choppers, Moto Bugs, Ball Hogs along with the infamous Dr Robotnik himself!

  • Three difficulty settings; Easy, featuring no badniks in any of the zones other the Robotnik boss fights at the end of each zone. Normal, with the badniks not shooting any projectiles at the player controlled Sonic. Original, contains all of the projectile firing badniks and end-of level-boss fights as per the original Mega Drive version

  • Easter Eggs including alternate ending sequences

Legal Line
SEGA Corporation, 2005. Produced and published by iFone under licence from Sega.