All the latest news and reports from your world of football in LMA Manager 2006's new interactive TV section

New 'Transfers' video revealed and brand new look and content detailed for LMA Manager 2006's enhanced interactive TV section.

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All the latest news and reports from your world of football in LMA Manager 2006's new interactive TV section
As the transfer window closes for the summer at the start of the 2005/2006 football season, Codemasters today reveals further innovations for LMA Manager 2006, the definitive PlayStation 2 and Xbox edition in the best-selling series coming this October (Note: Xbox 360 and PC editions coming March 06)

LMA Manager 2006's new transfer system brings even more realism and authenticity to the series and you check it out in the new 'Transfers' movie, now available to download from

The transfer market in LMA Manager 2006 is the most realistic yet and immerses the wannabe manager into the sophisticated, sometimes complex, but ultimately rewarding, world of the football transfer market better than ever before.

With additional negotiation tactics and contract clauses that reflect how actual clubs sign their star players, the degree of realism has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of player swap deals, sell-on fees, and appearance bonuses, all to make sure you get your man.

Once the transfer market closes and the season is in full swing, you can keep abreast of the latest news from all the international leagues with Football One, the game's interactive TV section. For LMA Manager 2006, Football One has been enhanced with a stylish new look, which reflects the approach of contemporary television coverage to football, and delivers more stats content and media reports than ever before.

Football One is your window on the football world and essential viewing for every manager. You can keep your finger on the pulse with Football One's media sections, including Match Highlights, Results, Match Reports, League Tables, and now the addition of News Reports and News Flashes.

You really will be immersed in your own football universe as you watch match highlights to see the highs and lows of your latest 90 minutes on the pitch in charge of your team. You can also study the league tables to see who the form teams are as they charge up the table - this may well give you some vital clues as to whose players to look at in the transfer market.

The News Reports bring you all the latest headlines on who's moving clubs, new managerial appointments, who's won what, who's on the physio's table and who's been shown a red card. Football One will also report on the hottest rumours spreading through the football market, including which clubs are planning multi-million bids for star players - again essential information in case you were planning an approach.

Picking up on news that a certain player is unsettled at his current club, a bidding war may then ensue between two rival clubs. This in itself will generate another news story about the battle to sign this player and so it continues. As in the real world your football universe will be full of rumour, counter-rumour and gossip - with you as the manager slap-bang in the middle of it all.

News Flashes deliver breaking video reports from the biggest football events, including player of the month, clubs welcoming their new manager aboard (smile for the camera as your new chairman puts a comforting arm around you!), award ceremonies where you can look on with pride as your manager receives the highly coveted "manager of the season" award dressed up in his tuxedo, and new player signings (see your manager show your new multi-million pound starlet his new stadium).

LMA Manager 2006 also sees the return of live spoken cup-draws in Football One, voiced by Gary Lineker. This gives additional authenticity to the excitement of a cup draw - the suspense will build as the big teams come out of the "hat" and you see whether you will play a minnow or a giant.

There are also enhancements in the Highlights section which really echo cutting edge television style presentation, including options to view the best goals, saves, near misses and fouls from four camera angles in either full screen or via an inset window complete with video controls so you can admire your striker's awesome first touch and deadly finish again and again.

As the only football management game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox this winter, LMA Manager 2006 is coming in late October. Check the new 'Transfers' video and the first screenshots from the new Football One section, now online at