Codemasters? New Web Initiative Champions Fan Sites.

Codemasters has launched a unique web-based initiative.

Posted by Staff
?Fan Site Toolkits? are now available on the company?s web site () to assist ardent game fans in the creation of web sites based around the company?s hit PC and PlayStation games.

While many organisations are overtly protective and actively discourage the use of copyrighted images and information for fan site creation, Codemasters is taking the lead and offering visuals, information and downloadable elements created especially for people to use in the development and Internet publishing of fan sites.

The first Fan Site Toolkit - for the acclaimed 4x4 off-road online racer Insane - is now live on the Insane site from Codemasters main home page. The direct links is

Toolkits will soon be available featuring elements from Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (launches December 8th on PC) and for the New Year Severance: Blade of Darkness and Operation Flashpoint, the company?s cutting-edge squad based combat game.

Game fans will be able to access game logos, banners, screenshots, screensavers, desktop themes, rendered artwork, and other elements in high-resolution formats that can be scaled to suit the individual requirements of any fan site.

There are also plans to feature links to particularly impressive fan sites on Codemasters main web site, giving any fan site access to a massive audience.

The introduction of the Fan Site Toolkits is part of Codemasters? ongoing integrated policy to provide the latest information to Internet users; both movie files and downloadable demos for its games are available at . Codemasters? game news is also delivered direct to personal email addresses upon request via ?Inside Track? the company?s free newsletter, which has had incredible take up from gamers.

Mike Hayes, Codemasters? Marketing Director explains:
?Unlike a lot of companies, we?re taking a very positive view towards the ?net and our most loyal audience. The enthusiasm and interest evident on fan sites should be supported and encouraged; indeed, fan sites are great assets for us in pollinating awareness of games across the ?net.
?We have great ambitions to continue and expand this kind of support service to the online community. With free web hosting and site building tools around, it?s much easier for anyone to create a web site. By providing professional elements we hope we can help fan sites look even more impressive.?