Sega Dreamcast Continues European Online Push

More countries to be included in Dreamarena.

Posted by Staff
Sega of Europe are proud to announce the continuation of their commitment to set up Europe?s first online gaming infrastructure with the inclusion of several additional countries to the Dreamarena network.

In partnership with BT and local Sega distributors Dreamcast will now offer consumers Europe?s first online gaming infrastructure in five new territories from early December 2000; Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. Other European countries coming on to the network are soon to be announced as part of Sega's pan-European online initiative.

Since its European launch on October 14th 1999 Dreamcast, Sega?s revolutionary home entertainment console has already introduced next generation online gaming into the lives of more than 1 million players across Europe.

With some of the most graphically detailed computer games ever seen Dreamcast has been praised by the industry as the gamers machine. Part of the reason for this is Dreamcast?s unique online capabilities. Owners in several European countries are currently able to send emails, surf the web and play online games via the Dreamarena on their Dreamcast, the world?s only internet ready console.

The new online territories will now be able to access the exclusive content of Dreamarena and take part in real-time head to head online gaming alongside Dreamcasters from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy.

JF Cecillon, Sega of Europe CEO comments; "Yet again this is another gaming first for Dreamcast! When we launched Dreamcast in Europe this time last year we set out to create an unprecedented new entertainment experience and the development of Dreamarena, our pan ? European network is delivering this to our consumers."

Kazutoshi Miyake, Sega of Europe COO adds;

"The availability of Dreamarena and our network services in these six new online territories will help to drive Dreamcast hardware and software sales throughout the busy Christmas sales period."

Partnerships with local communications suppliers in conjunction with BT, Sega?s European Internet Service Provider, provide the infrastructure necessary to utilise Dreamcast?s unique online capabilities.