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IOMO want you to join their Golf Club.

Posted by Staff
Mobile games specialists IOMO today released Golf Club, their latest original game for java-enabled mobile phone handsets, just in time for the 2004 Ryder Cup Competition.

Over the past three years, IOMO have brought some of the world's biggest golfing licences to mobile. Golf Club takes this wealth of experience and offers players the chance to compete in one of the most realistic and playable golf titles ever released on mobile phones.

The game uses IOMO's own rendering system to draw the course after each shot is taken, so that players are given the most accurate and best looking view of the course for each and every shot. A variety of game styles are available for single-players, including a practice session, tournament competition against a number of virtual players or a unique challenge mode where the player's skills are tested to the limits. The game also allows two players to compete head-to-head on the same phone.

The controls are incredibly simple, allowing even first-time players to pick up and play the game in only a few minutes, but the games offers a great deal of depth and long-term value, with a number of different styles of shot, from driving through to pitch, punch and chip shots all possible.

Golf Club follows hot on the heels of two other original games titles from IOMO, Pub Pool and Pub Darts, both of which shot to the top of the charts on mobile network operators worldwide.

John Chasey, the managing director of IOMO, says "As the mobile games market grows and growing number of people discover they can play games on their handsets, quality and gameplay are becoming the critical factors in a games success. It's no longer enough for a mobile game to be simply available widely. If it's not fun to play and the production values are poor, then it's not going to build any sort of support in the global marketplace. At IOMO we've tried extremely hard to ensure that all of our games have these qualities and that they are fun for beginners and experts alike. There are a lot of golf games on the market for mobile phones these days, but we're confident that Golf Club, like our Pub games series, will pick up a wide audience all over the world."

Golf Club is available for all popular handsets and will be launching on all major operators at the start of the 2004 Ryder Cup competition - September 14th.

It is also available on the web at