Crazy Taxi On Tour

Get out on the Highway?.'The European Crazy Taxi Tour'

Posted by Staff
After a successful residency in Ibiza this summer, Sega's Crazy Taxi will be going trans-continental this Autumn. Embarking on a whistle stop tour of Europe's finest football clubs, Crazy Taxi will be participating in unique promotional activities at Sampdoria FC, St Etienne FC and La Coruna Deportivo FC.

Kicking off in Genoa on Saturday 16th Sept, Crazy Taxi can be found at Sampdoria FC's training ground, club shop and then at the match in the evening against Lazio, where it will be participating in photo shoots with the players, team staff and the public alike.

Crazy Taxi departs from Genoa on the 18th September, heading for St Etienne for four days. Crazy Taxi will be performing similar, distinctive promotional duties with St Etienne FC, including retail events with the clubs secondary sponsor -Geant.

Finally, Crazy Taxi will arrive in La Coruna on Thursday 28th September for the last leg of the tour. Five days will be spent here, including a day at the stadium as Barcelona FC come to town on the 1st October, again Crazy Taxi will be the hub of all Dreamcast promotions at La Coruna Deportivo FC including local retail and media acivity plus an online gaming showcase.