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DC Studios teams up with Football guru Dino Dini and promise a Revolution In Football Videogames.

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Mark Greenshields
Mark Greenshields
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Frazer Nash Communications is pleased to announce an agreement between games developer DC-Studios and games guru Dino Dini is set to show football videogames the red card.

Dino Dini is the godfather of the football game genre and creator of some of the most influential football games ever to appear on home computers and games consoles. His most famous games include Kick Off, Player Manager, Goal and Dino Dini's Football. Mark Greenshields was the author of many of Kick Off's sequels such as Super Kickoff and Kickoff 2 on NES, SNES and others. Finally this passion and expertise has come together. DC-Studios and Dino Dino have inked a deal to create a whole new generation of football games. Combining DC-Studios' and Dino's expertise, passion and knowledge to take the beautiful game to a whole new generation of fans. Football games may never be the same again.

Football is one of the most popular videogame genres in the world, with millions of games being sold worldwide annually, which allow people to play as their favorite regional, national and international teams. The latest titles feature hugely sophisticated technology and an enormous range of options, but the experience can be strangely sterile for fans.

"The current generation of football games have no focus on the player," says Dino. "The game itself is the spectacle. This is a problem. It is the player's experience which is the key to creating a game which is accessible, playable and has long term appeal to players. If you can create an experience that satisfies the player each and every time they play the game, then you have created a classic."

The game is being created by DC-Studios with Dino Dini leading an experienced team of football fanatics. Dino and DC-Studios will work closely to bring Dino's revolutionary design to life.

Mark Greenshields, the managing director of DC-Studios, said, "Since working on Kick Off I have had the desire and passion to show the world how a football game should really be done. I've always planned on DC-Studios creating a football game at some point, but wanted to wait until we could contribute something genuinely new to the game. Dino and I had some long discussions last year and it was a revelation as we found we both agreed on almost every level about what could be done to create a football game with a difference. The agreement between DC and Dino is very exciting and we're looking forward to showing everyone the future of footballing videogames."

DC are highly experienced in creating sports titles for games consoles. Since the company was founded in 1999, the company has worked on titles including Salt Lake 2002, NBA Jam 2002 and the Tour De France Centenary Edition game in 2003.

The game is planned for release on the Sony PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PC, GBA, DS and PSP. The title and release date will be announced by DC-Studios in the near future.