G3 Studios' Guido Henkel to speak at GDC

Industry pioneer Guido Henkel, CEO of G3 Studios, talks about mobile games at GDC.

Posted by Staff
G3 Studios, a premier developer and publisher of video games for cell phones, handheld devices, Pocket PC and other platforms, announced today that the company’s CEO Guido Henkel will appear at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose (March 22–26). A veteran of the computer games industry and a pioneer of the mobile games industry, Guido Henkel’s 60-minute lecture 'Game Mobility Requires Code Portability' will focus on the development of cross-platform mobile games, showing in-depth examples how these games can be programmed to accommodate the multitude of technical differences between devices. It is an extension of the article he wrote for “Game Developer Magazine” earlier last year, exploring many of the topics in more detail.

"The key to success in the mobile space is to be able to cover all relevant platforms and devices with minimal effort in the shortest amount of time," Guido Henkel points out. "Over the past three years we have developed techniques and frameworks that enable G3 Studios to create versions of our games for virtually any mobile platform in the market at an unparalleled pace."

The lecture held during GDC will focus on these techniques in detail and also offer up code examples right out of the G3 Studios game framework that has powered many games in the market.

"In an industry where it makes a world of a difference whether you support 5 or 50 different devices, having the right methodology in place is essential," Henkel adds. “With our most recent title, FlipIt! we have been able to have versions for no less than 36 different Brew devices available on day one, and creating all these various ports took us less than a week." Add to that the numerous J2ME versions of the game and the strength of G3 Studios’ methodology and framework becomes self-evident.

For more information and an abstract of Guido Henkel’s lecture at GDC, please see here - http://www.cmpevents.com/GDx/a.asp?option=G&V=3&id=225895