Europe's First Online Console Games Final Live on 16th September

At 5.00pm on 16th September, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain and France will battle online for the prestigious title of European ChuChu Champion.

Posted by Staff
During July gamers across Europe frantically played ChuChu Rocket! online, uploading their scores onto Dreamarena league tables. At the end of this period, the top 4 players in each country were invited to a national final. The 5 national finalists now go on to compete in the European ChuChu Challenge Grand Final

Shaun_2 (online user name) from Northumberland will be representing the UK after dominating the UK finals on Friday 1st September. Shaun_2 competed against MDK from Cornwall, Redcat from Anglesey and Djionics from London but with scores of up to 318 mice in 1 game, the others didn't stand a chance.

The online battle will commence at 5.00pm GMT time on the 16th September with all finalists playing simultaneously from their territory. Key venues across Europe will play host for their representative. The UK and Ireland representatives will be playing instore at Level 1, HMV, Oxford Street, London. European representatives will also be competing from venues in Madrid, Frankfurt and Paris. For the final each player will play four rounds each of 2 point games. The coveted prize for the European champion is a week?s astronaut training at the NASA Space Centre in Alabama.

The finals will be open to the public with exclusive previews of forthcoming game releases. The public will be given the chance to be amongst the first to play the eagerly awaited Quake III Arena online with Dreamcast.

ChuChu Rocket! is Europe's first online console game, a fast and furious puzzle game which can be played by four players at any one time. Dreamarena, Sega's exclusive Internet portal, registered over 16,000 gamers for the challenge. Dreamarena has currently over 300,000 registered users which looks set to grow with the release of more cutting edge online gaming titles such as Quake III Arena, Phantasy Star Online and Black & White.