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It's the PC playable demo of Colin McRae Rally 04!

Posted by Staff
Download and drive
Get an early stage start as Codemasters launches the first playable demo of the almighty Colin McRae Rally 04 on PC, now available to download from the game's website at (in Downloads)

With the ability to rip through 3 of the 48 stages on offer, this single-player demo is your chance to get some dirt under your tyres ahead of the game's full release on April 2nd.

The demo gives you a taste of the Colin McRae Rally 04's intense single-player action, putting you behind the wheel of the Citroen Xsara and letting you bomb through the first stages of the USA, Japan and Finland in glorious 4-wheel drive.

With an updated car handling physics engine, 34 driving surfaces and 19 tyre types, every second of practice will give you an advantage in knowing how your car handles over different terrain.

The full Colin McRae Rally 04 game will offer petrol-heads more intense gear-grinding action, as the series' superb car handling combines with new championships, custom rallies, new single and multiplayer gaming modes, and unique car part testing challenges to win advanced technology for your car.

On PC, the game is enhanced with all-new online and LAN options enabling up to 8 players to compete simultaneously through Championship or Stage races in co-operative or competitive team challenges. With up to 8 of your friends in on the race, 'Shakedown' takes on a whole new meaning.

Get the single-player demo now and stay in the driving seat with all the latest on the game at