Pro Pool: The First True Pool Sim For Game Boy Color.

Pro Pool, developed by Blade Interactive Studios, is the first true pool simulation for the Game Boy and is now available.

Posted by Staff
Pool fans can experience all of the tabletop action in the palm of their hand with Pro Pool. Designed with the pick up/put down playing style in mind, Pro Pool’s auto-save capability remembers the current game position – after each and every shot, allowing players to continue gameplay over any number of short or long sessions. The game’s deep and detailed system of artificial intelligence (AI) allows for particularly accurate play.

With eight different rule sets, including 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 6 Ball, 3 Ball, Straight and Speed, players can perfect their accuracy and also refine their agility. Pro Pool also offers a multitude of options such as table shapes -- both the standard rectangle and a hexagon; 64 AI opponents with varying abilities such as long shot, short shot, fine cut and bank shots; and three different play modes such as match, Single-player Speed Pool and Hustle.

Match Mode allows for single matches to be played comprising of one-on-one game variants against either one of the AI opponents or a friend. Single-player Speed Pool helps sharp-shooters work on their pace. Hustle Mode pits player against the odds, placing bets to win money, which allow for progression onto new locations where the stakes are much higher. (Winning the final “hustle” allows the player to own his/her own bar.)

Pro Pool’s impressive physics allow for ball-on-ball and ball-on-cushion collisions. Players can also have full control on swerve directions, straight spins, side spins and back spins. Fully controllable butt angles allow for maximum swerve as well.

Player-friendly features allow for even first-time pool fans to get into the action. Pro Pool has easy-to-use aiming and power systems and its top-down pool simulation provides an accurate view of the action.