World Championship Snooker, The First Realistic Snooker Game Comes To PC CD-Rom.

World Championship Snooker will be launched on PC this winter as the first authentic video game recreation of one of the UK’s most popular sports.

Posted by Staff
The PlayStation version launch in June and went straight to the top of the charts with only Codemasters’ own Colin McRae Rally 2.0 outselling it.

World Championship Snooker stars 20 of the world’s top snooker champions, including Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty, Mark Williams, Ronnie O'Sullivan, and Dennis Taylor, carries the endorsement of the World Snooker Association and enables players to take to the table in the Crucible, the world’s most recognised snooker venue.

Boasting a unique aiming system assisting players to build up high scoring breaks in a very realistic manner, World Championship Snooker is designed to be an engaging and intuitively playable game for the far-reaching audience the sport attracts.

World Championship Snooker takes the player through a local club based qualifying league, playing against the younger and lesser-known players, progressing to the Crucible itself, modelled true-to-life, to complete in the World Championship against celebrities like Stephen Hendry and ‘Rocket’ Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Quick games can be played in the one-on-one match mode and multi-player competitions are catered for with a Tournament option with up to 16 players.An advanced AI system mimics the characteristics of the real professional players, simulating ‘pressure’ shots, tactical play and positional skills. The game features motion captured players, a referee who speaks and repositions balls, and commentary by well-known snooker celebrity, Dennis Taylor. The crowd also reacts to the progress of the game, so you can feel the tension build up when the match gets close.

World Championship Snooker benefits from using an incredibly advanced physics system offering extreme accuracy in simulating a true 3D table; players can even bounce a ball off the table, or jump one ball over another. The system simulates all kinds of spin, and the gameplay is so realistic that it should help improve player’s real-life snooker skills.

Presentation is TV realistic, ensuring that the whole playing experience is incredibly immersive and builds atmosphere. World Championship Snooker, currently available on PlayStation, launches on PC CD-ROM this winter.