Dreamcast Down In Price!

Dreamcast R.R.P. 149.99 as of Friday 8th Sept.

Posted by Staff
(London September 1, 2000)
Sega Europe today announced that Dreamcast, it's record breaking, next generation, online gaming console will go on sale at the new price of 149.99, as of Friday September 8th 2000.

The new price comes at an exciting time for Dreamcast. Almost a year
since launching at 199.99 on October 14th 1999 the pioneering internet ready console is ready to enter the next phase of it's evolution.

JF Cecillon CEO of Sega Europe comments;
"Along with the outstanding software line-up, the new price point sets Dreamcast up for great year 2 and a fantastic Christmas sales season. Gamers will have the opportunity to walk into any high street retailer and pick up the most powerful console on sale in Europe for less than 150."

Gamers can look forward to an exhilarating future with Dreamcast online gaming set to become the benchmark of interactive excellence. 10 online titles are due for release on Dreamcast by Spring 2001. These include the release of the ultimate in multi-player gaming, Quake III Arena; and Lionhead's ground-breaking god sim.Black and White and Phantasy Star

Dreamcast games are set to push back the boundaries of software design with their line up for the coming season of traditional offline titles. The universally acclaimed Virtua Tennis will be served up to the public on the 8th September, Ulala, the sassy dancing star of Space Channel 5, will be throwing down shapes from the 6th October, Metropolis Street Racer will be roaring home on October 20th and the ground breaking aesthetics of Jet Set Radio will be available from the 24th November.