Available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox on September 19, Colin McRae Rally 04 is already garnering critical acclaim as the best rally game on earth.

Find out just how much punishment the amazing cars in Colin McRae Rally 04 will take in a new, high-impact movie now available to view or download.

Posted by Staff
The video demonstrates the incredible level of detail in the car models, including the damage they take when you take them more off-road than intended. Wheels fly off, bonnets crumple, windscreens smash and engines scream for mercy as the cars go into barrel rolls that would make fighter pilots proud.

Colin McRae Rally 04 is already being heralded as the only rally game to get this year. See the action for yourself in the new movie, now available online from the game's dedicated site at www.codemasters.com/colinmcrae04