Premiere The Future Of Computer Games.

Sega of Europe, the makers of Dreamcast, are to set for another computer games first on Sunday 3rd September.

Posted by Staff
Sega are throwing open the doors and inviting the public to preview the best in interactive entertainment due for release over the coming months.

The game playing public is excluded from ECTS, the European Computer Trade Show, Europe?s biggest computer game exhibition, which takes place at Olympia from Sunday to Tuesday that week. With demand for video games at an all time high and the industry generating more revenue than the film business Sega have decided to hold a special public screening of the newest, best and most innovative video games.

The Empire Cinema, Leicester Square London, scene of many a film premiere, will host a UK gaming first with a big screen Dreamcast premiere. Sega are pleased to invite UK gamers to preview the future of electronic entertainment at a very special exclusive preview screening of games due for release this coming Christmas season on Dreamcast, the world?s only internet ready games console.

800 gamers will have the special opportunity to glimpse into the future of online gaming, including for the first time in the UK a viewing of the much-anticipated Quake III Arena on Dreamcast. The main feature will be a specially commissioned 40-minute feature film of some of the best game graphics and in-game play sequences ever seen.

In-game characters such as Sonic, Ulala and the SoulCalibur fighters will be in attendance to pose for pictures and distribute free Dreamcast drinks and popcorn to everyone who comes to the premiere.

To collect a ticket for the hottest game show of the year please go to the Dreamcast stand at the front of The Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London W1 between 1.30 and 5.30 PM on Sunday 3rd September. The doors open at 6 PM and the big show starts at 6.45. Come along and see the future with Sega Dreamcast.