Play like a real professional in the Club Football series and reap the rewards of the Trophy Room.

Codemasters' Club Football range of 17 individual team-dedicated football action games is every fan's dream.

Posted by Staff
Play like a real professional in the Club Football series and reap the rewards of the Trophy Room.
Coming this October for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the range delivers an individual and official video game for 17 top UK and European football clubs - from Manchester United Club Football to Real Madrid Club Football.

The Club Football range will bring each club's fans closer to being part of their team than any football game has previously. Each title is an exclusively tailored game that makes gamers feel as though they really are playing a serious game of football for the club they support, complete with fully-modelled first-team players, the full official strips, and the real home stadium.

With each edition of Club Football it's all about your club, your life, your game and you'll be leading the headline team to domestic and European glory in the main game's modes: Domestic Season and Super League.

Play well and the game's Trophy Room section opens up a wealth of facts, stats and memorabilia specific to the headline club. Within the Trophy Room, gamers can access club information, detailing past honours, historic moments, alongside first-team player stats, profiles and photos.

Win matches and leagues and additional rewards open up, including classic memorabilia such as real-life video clips and photos of the club's greatest moments. In addition to holding the silverware won in matches, players can also save their best performances as game replay clips to impress their mates.

The Club Football series offers a unique wealth of football detail and action for the serious club supporter. Delivering a fresh football gaming style, play is instantly intuitive and rewarding yet there's plenty of depth through tactics to master if you're to really succeed for your team.

Further information on the 17 games, along with the latest screenshots, can be found on the website at: