IGI 2 upgrade available now

Today sees the launch of the all new IGI 2 Upgrade 1.2 alongside the brand new Map Editor and Dedicated Server Pack incorporating Linux.

Posted by Staff
IGI 2 upgrade available now
The new upgrade for IGI 2 will update your game version to 1.2. There will be a noticeable difference in framerate on higher end systems as well as a number of bug fixes. Also there is a Nordic version for those with Scandinavian versions of the game.

There is also a downloadable version of the IGI 2 Map editor. You can use this to create your own multiplayer maps and share them with the community.

The igi2-dsp-1.2.zip file will enable you to set up dedicated IGI2 servers without requiring the original CD or CD Key. This is the promised dedicated server pack for those of you that wish to set up your own stand alone servers. Included is also the option to use Linux.

All files are available for download from the Codemasters IGI 2 website: http://www.codemasters.com/redirect/redirect.php?url=/igi2/front.htm