Codemasters’ Club Football series of PlayStation 2 and Xbox games get extra time as further editions are announced

Now Codemasters to create a total of 17 individual Club Football video games for PS2 and Xbox, one for each of Europe's major football clubs.

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Codemasters’ Club Football series of PlayStation 2 and Xbox games get extra time as further editions are announced
Codemasters is to increase the number of individual team-specific football action games in its Club Football series to a total of 17 titles, each officially licensed and headlined by a major European football club.

Now Real Madrid Club Football and Celtic Club Football will join the already impressive roster of football clubs Codemasters is working with to produce individual PlayStation 2 and Xbox football action games for.

The series will also include Manchester United Club Football, Arsenal Club Football, Liverpool FC Club Football, Rangers Club Football, Chelsea Club Football, Leeds United Club Football, Aston Villa Club Football and a further eight editions headlined by mainland Europe clubs.

The Club Football games will now launch internationally this autumn, complete with the 2003/2004 team line-ups. Additional time is being invested in the series' development to make the most of the official content and develop the ultimate game for the fans of each club.

Says Mike Hayes, Codemasters' Group Marketing Director: "To have both Real Madrid and Celtic editions as part of the line-up makes the range complete and the extra development time will ensure a great football gaming experience for the fans of each club."

Each team edition is for the real fans of each club, real fans of immersive gameplay and real fans of game visuals, presentation and official content that truly reflects their club. Each team edition of Club Football is an exclusively tailored game that puts the player on the pitch and into the action, making them feel they really are playing for their club.

Each individual edition focuses on its headline club. From the club-dedicated opening sequence, through to the heart of each game where you'll be playing as the team against hundreds of other clubs, leading your team to domestic and European glory in the main game's modes: Domestic Season and Super League (E.g. in Manchester United Club Football you can play as Manchester United through the main game modes).

It looks incredible – each headline club's first team squad have been individually 3D computer modelled in stunning photo realistic detail and matches will be played in an exact replica of each club's stadium, recreated using architectural data and photographic reference.

Offering a fresh style of football action gaming, play will be instantly intuitive and rewarding yet offer plenty of depth and tactics to master if you're to really succeed for your team.

Celtic Club Football and Real Madrid Club Football are in development alongside the other games in the series. To keep up to date with all 17 games in development for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, see the web sites at