Dreamarena and Virgin Net Present “dreamscreen”, The Film Channel For Dreamcast

SEGA Europe is pleased to announce its first content deal for Dreamarena.

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LONDON - (XXXX, 2000) SEGA Europe is pleased to announce its first content deal for Dreamarena. It has joined forces with Virgin Net, the UK”s No. 1 entertainment and leisure service online, to offer a
co-branded film channel called Dreamscreens, accessed free of charge through its Dreamarena portal.

The dreamscreen.virgin.net film channel is exclusive to Dreamarena, Dreamcast”s rapidly growing portal site. The channel will provide a full range of film related content including: film previews; celebrity webcasts; details about new releases; features; top 10 movie charts and a UK film finder.

All of this information will be provided free to Dreamcasters in the UK and will be fully rolled out across Europe shortly afterwards. Virgin Net will build and host the Dreamscreens site, and will ensure full integration within the Dreamarena portal.

In addition, potential Dreamcast users will have the opportunity to win a Dreamcast console through www.virgin.net, the UK”s No.1 entertainment and leisure service online. With the recent launch of ChuChu Rocket!, Dreamcast is the only games console that allows you to play games on-line.

JF Cecillon, Chief Executive Officer, SEGA Europe, said:

"Dreamscreens is set to be the ultimate film information service on the web. What is doubly exciting is that it will be available exclusively to Dreamcasters through Dreamarena.

As the pioneers of interactive games consoles, we have regularly promised that we will continue to develop Dreamarena. Attracting partners of Virgin Net”s calibre, reflects the significant progress we have made in developing our portal site. We won”t be stopping the hard work here and we are looking to increase content further. There is plenty more news to come and many exciting developments for Dreamcasters to look
forward to".

Jo Peat, Head of Marketing, Virgin Net said: "Virgin Net”s movie content is a very strong product. It”s lively, thorough and entertaining. Over time we”ll be looking to develop this relationship further with the introduction of more channels from our entertainment and leisure stable, to provide Dreamcast users with a service they”ll use".

All advertising and e-commerce opportunities for the new channel will be managed by Virgin Net.

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