ChuChu Rocket! Blasts Ahead of the Pack

The planet's first online console game lands in over 100,000 new homes.

Posted by Staff
Sega Europe is again pioneering the future of interactive entertainment. The bold decision to give away a copy of the world?s first online console game ?
ChuChu Rocket! has paid off with huge dividends. Dreamarena, the Dreamcasts exclusive Internet portal has been swamped by over 100,000 users signing up
for the game since the June 9th launch.

JF Cecillon, Sega Europe?s Chief Executive Officer said, "The European gamer, like Sega, recognises that the future of gaming is online. We have given away
OUR product to show our commitment to online gaming, our dedication and vision is clear."

Backed by a humorous and inventive 10m TV campaign during Euro 2000, the initiative has clearly captured the public?s imagination. Anticipating this fevered response, the online European ChuChu Rocket! Challenge was set up at launch, with gamers from all over the continent able to participate in the online event, and why not? The prize is a trip to the NASA Space centre in Florida, USA.

Meanwhile, Dreamarena continues to garner impressive figures. Dreamarena currently has over 300,000 registered users and receives over 3,000,000 hits per
month. This looks set to grow and grow over the next 6 months with the release of more cutting edge online-gaming titles such as Quake 3:Arena, Phantasy Star
Online and Black and White.

How to get ChuChu Rocket!