Sega Starts Broadband Service on Dreamcast from July 15.

Sega Enterprises, Ltd. will start a high-speed Internet connection service thorough broadband system using Sega?s Dreamcast on July 15, 2000.

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Sega Starts Broadband Service on Dreamcast from July 15.

Realizing the World?s First High Speed Internet Connection with CATV using a Game Console.

Sega Enterprises, Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo; President: Isao Okawa) will start a high-speed Internet connection service thorough broadband system using Sega?s Dreamcast on July 15, 2000, in cooperation with about 40 leading CATV companies nationwide, including Titus Communications, Kansai Multimedia Service, Nagoya Cable Network and KDD Media Net. We plan to further expand our business targeting approximately 200 CATV companies operating Internet connection services across the nation. This will be a giant step for Sega to take, for it will be the first-ever attempt in the world to bring game console into the field of CATV network.

Sega is currently promoting network entertainment services in three different fields using Dreamcast, mobile communication devices and arcades. While we are continuing to provide narrowband services using ordinary telephone circuits, we are aiming at broadband services using optic fiber, ADSL and CATV cables in the near future, and this attempt with Dreamcast will be the first of our challenges toward the realization of broadband services.

The main advantage of CATV internet is the high capacity, high speed, and full-time connection, not to mention the competitive price realized by owning its own cable. Sega has begun mass production of "broadband adapters" exclusive to Dreamcast, which will enable all Dreamcast users to connect to CATV internet merely by replacing this with Dreamcast?s built-in modem. What is more, this broadband adapter has a capacity of 100Mbps, and, considering the versatility of broadband services, it is designed to connect not only to CATV but also to optic fibers and ADSL.

We are already actively developing content for broadband services such as online games, movies, cartoons, karaoke, and music, in collaboration with various CATV companies. Using high capacity internet web of CATV, these contents involving movie and music distribution with high capacity data will be available to consumers without any stress.

In addition, Sega is currently developing a LAN-compliant version for the digital camera Dreameye (exclusive to Dreamcast), which has functions such as visual communication and video mail. With these functions, Dreameye could be utilized as a communication tool, making the most out of CATV internet?s advantage of full-time connection. We are planning to increase the number of content for CATV internet in close conjunction with CATV companies, and for starters, we will begin services for online games. These online games for CATV internet, which are currently being developed based on internet connection using existing ordinary telephone circuits, are scheduled to be released in the near future.

Sega also plans to launch full-time connection content services, taking advantage of merits unique to broadband; this will undoubtedly help us build up a whole new genre of broadband services unlike any existing services using ordinary telephone circuits.

Further, Sega will make a presentation at CATV fair called "Cable TV2000", scheduled to take place this month.