Motorola and Sega Announce Intent to Create Strategic Alliance

Motorola and Sega jointly deploy optimized entertainment software for J2ME on Motorola wireless devices.

Posted by Staff
SAN FRANCISCO -- June 5, 2000 -- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) and Sega Enterprises Ltd., Tokyo, Japan today announced their joint intent to create a global strategic alliance that will bring a wide assortment of
entertainment software to an innovative class of Java? technology-enabled wireless phones, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Sega has developed an optimized suite of games for J2ME-enabled Motorola devices being demonstrated this week at Sun Microsystems' JavaOne 2000 ConferenceSM in San Francisco. J2ME is the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Motorola helped develop in close cooperation with Sun
Microsystems. The J2ME platform is designed to deploy applications for wireless devices without the time and expense of re-writing or
re-compiling applications for each device, making the platform
particularly attractive to independent software developers.This platform is designed to enable developers to write applications that can run on any device equipped with J2ME, giving wireless consumers
access to software written by a population of more than two million Java technology developers. By demonstrating compelling entertainment content on the J2ME platform, Sega and Motorola are making a significant statement about the direction they are taking as leaders in the exploding
wireless entertainment market. The companies plan to collaborate to
develop innovative wireless game solutions, including Application
Programming Interfaces (APIs) compatible with J2ME.

"Motorola?s strong position as a world leader in embedded computing is an excellent complement to Sega?s long legacy as the leader in embedded systems entertainment" said Hideki Sato, corporate senior vice president of Sega Japan. "Coupled with Motorola's immense experience in Java and it's background in innovative wireless technology and products, Motorola
is an ideal company for Sega to align with in order to realize our goal of owning a significant share of the wireless entertainment market."

Motorola?s highly optimized implementation of the J2ME platform as part of it's DigitalDNA? solutions portfolio, coupled with Sega?s graphics technology, provides high levels of performance for high speed, image processing on mass market, wireless devices. This combination is expected to be extremely important as high bandwidth cellular standards, such as general packet radio system (GPRS) and International Mobile
Telecommunications 2000 (commonly referred to as 3G), gain momentum.

"We are extremely pleased that Sega has chosen to work with Motorola to deploy their world-class entertainment software and create wireless entertainment solutions," said Anne-Marie Larkin, vice president and director of Wireless Software Applications and Services at Motorola Semiconductor. "Sega?s strength in content and its unique competencies from a long history in the entertainment area will deliver unparalleled innovative content for the J2ME platform and the millions of J2ME-equipped phones Motorola will ship". Motorola gained a significant industry position by co-developing the J2ME platform with Sun Microsystems, and by chairing the Java Specification Request (JSR) standards initiative for the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). This standard defines the APIs for wireless devices that use the J2ME platform, and enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to write applications that can run on any wireless device that supports this specification.

In addition to Motorola's leadership efforts, major global wireless
device manufacturers and operators have also endorsed and supported MIDP. The large developer base is expected to make J2ME a unifying standard for wireless devices. This gives game publishers and software developers a very compelling reason to develop content around this platform. Cellular phones, PDAs and pagers are expected to become even more valuable and useful tools for both business and consumer users. Sega and Motorola plan to collaborate extensively in the wireless entertainment space for Motorola devices.