How To Get Chuchu Rocket Free!

ChuChu Rocket!, Europe?s first online console game, is being given away completely free to all Dreamcast owners.

Posted by Staff
ChuChu Rocket!, Europe?s first online console game, is being given away completely free to all Dreamcast owners. All you need to do is log on to Dreamarena, your exclusive internet portal, register your details and place your order. ChuChu will arrive on your doorstep soon after. You will then be ready to challenge friends, family and fellow gamers across Europe, real time, for no more than the cost of a local call.

In order to get to the Dreamarena homepage to order your free copy of ChuChu Rocket! you must have your Dreamcast connected to a phone line with registration completed.

If I haven?t yet registered on Dreamarena what do I do?

1. Plug the modem cable into the Dreamcast console and the other end to the supplied telephone adapter.

2. Insert the Dreamkey GD-ROM into your console and press the POWER button.

3. Press the START button on your control pad, choose the REGISTER ME icon and press button A.

4. Read and follow the simple instructions that will lead you to the WELCOME TO DREAMARENA REGISTRATION page.

5. Enter your details.

6. Once you have entered and confirmed your details you will be asked to choose a password. Enter your password, confirm it and select GO ONLINE. You will then start connecting to Dreamarena.

Once I have registered how do I order ChuChu Rocket?

1. Insert the Dreamkey disc into the Dreamcast and power up.

2. Select GO ONLINE and you will be taken to a page with two links: one to the Dreamarena homepage and one to the ChuChu order page.

3. Select the ChuChu order page. On this page you'll see a flashing link that reads: Pre order your copy here now!

4. Click on this to continue to the registration page. Firstly you'll be asked to confirm your address details. The page has two options at the bottom:
Confirm Details, Change Details
This function gives you the option of amending the details you provided when you registered your console.

5. Once you are happy with your details select Confirm Details to continue. Now you'll be taken through to a simple questionnaire to fill in - scroll down filling in your details until you reach your next two options...
Submit Form, ChuChu Features
You may use the ChuChu Features button to find out more about the game. Once you are happy select Submit Form to send your order.

6. You should now see the following message confirming your order: Thank You! Your order has been processed.

Please contact the Call Centre on 08456 090090 if you have any queries.

If you are not the master user on this console or you try to place more than one order for ChuChu Rocket! you will be informed and the order will not be processed.

When will the game arrive on my doorstep?

On, or very soon after the 9th June, depending on when you place your order.

How much will it cost me to play online?

The game can be played both online and offline. If you decide to challenge other European gamers online it will not cost you any more than when you normally log on to Dreamarena, ie the cost of a local call.

Do I need to tick the 'promotions etc' box?

No. There are no 'promotions' boxes on the ChuChu page ie tick this box if you want to have promotional material sent to you. There is a questionnaire with five questions and the choice to tick the boxes. These are optional.

Will they still be stored in retail, or can I pick one up there?

One copy of ChuChu Rocket! and a registration leaflet will be provided with every new console sold by high street retailers as of June 9th 2000. Existing Dreamcast owners must go onto Dreamarena to order their free copy.