Lace Mamba Global and Digitalmindsoft Team Up To Fight Countless Battles Around The World – Call To Arms Announcement

Brighton-based publisher Lace Mamba Global and Digitalmindsoft, the successful developer of Men of War and Men of War: Assault Squad, have teamed up to launch a brand new project Call to Arms

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Brighton, 18th December, 2012 – Brighton-based publisher Lace Mamba Global and Digitalmindsoft, the successful developer of Men of War and Men of War: Assault Squad, have teamed up to launch a brand new project Call to Arms. Based in a modern war setting Call to Arms is a real- time strategy PC game and will offer Digitalmindsoft’s innovative “direct control” feature, a 3rd person action mode used to operate a player unit`s aim and movement. Players will be able to choose between 2 playable factions, 20 realistically modelled vehicles and heavy weaponry, as well as over 60 firearms and customization. The game will aim to capture the unique combat strategies faced by today’s soldiers through a blend of action and tactical gameplay.

Digitalmindsoft will be crowd funding the project via their website. Chris Kramer, Managing Director of Digitalmindsoft says that “We have raised enough funds to begin developing Call to Arms, but with the assistance of our loyal community, we aim to create the best RTS gaming experience yet. Every cent offered will go towards developing the game, allowing us to provide our supporters with the high quality game they desire.” Also on choosing a new publishing partner, Kramer added “We are very excited to be working with Lace Mamba Global. They have successfully launched boxed versions of Men of War: Assault Squad, Vietnam and Condemned Heroes into English speaking countries worldwide and so we saw them as the perfect partner for our new game.”

Adam Lacey, CEO of Lace Mamba Global said “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Chris and his team at Digitalmindsoft on this exciting new addition to the RTS genre. From our first meeting with Chris we were all very impressed with his passion for creating quality, innovative games and shared a common vision for Call to Arms from the outset.”

Lace Mamba Global plans to publish Call to Arms in Q4 2013.

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