Spyro 3 - The year of the Dragon

Strong fundamental gameplay, broadly appealing characters, entertaining lip-synched animation and a friendly learning curve.

Posted by Staff
May 2000, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the release of Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon* the next exciting installment in the hugely successful Spyro series. Combining all the best aspects of it?s predecessors with added new gameplay elements, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon* promises to be the best adventure game, yet!

Spyro and Sparx are back in a whole new adventure ? bigger and better than ever before. Spyro and Sparx have just gotten back from a much-needed vacation in Dragon Shores. All of the dragons are participating in the big centennial egg ceremony where fairies bring the newest batch of dragon eggs to the Dragon World. After a day of feasting and dancing, all of the dragons fall into an exhausted slumber. While they?re sleeping, the evil Sorceress and her henchmen creep up into the Dragon World and steal all of the dragon eggs. When morning arrives, the dragons awaken to find that their newest brood has disappeared. It?s up to Spyro and Sparx to rescue the baby dragons. And the race to collect the dragon eggs begins?.

It?s the Year of the Dragon and our favorite dragon, Spyro is back in a whole new adventure!
Maintaining a number of key successes from the classic, popular hit series ? strong fundamental gameplay, broadly appealing characters, entertaining lip-synched animation and a friendly learning curve.
Challenging new gameplay has a deeper and more complex dynamic that will keep you enthralled as you explore over 30 completely new worlds. Boxing, skateboarding, sharp shooting and more!
All NEW critter challenges offer the gamer a whole new level of gameplay. 4 brand new critters that the player can control with their own worlds and their own special abilities to help you accomplish new tasks.
The return of some favorite characters as well as All New Characters: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Professor, Money Bags are back. Also introducing a new Evil Sorceress, Bianca and tons of critters!
All NEW vehicles and moves: Go deep underwater in a submarine, drive a tank, ride a speed boat and launch yourself to new heights with a cannon.
Experience the signature gameplay of the Spryo series ? animated characters, humour, challenging puzzles, tons of hidden areas, mini-games, Speed Rounds, bonus levels and more!
Power ups galore! Tons of treasure, super charge up your flame, spit and speed, extra lives and bonus treats.
Completely new structure for the Speed Rounds ? The classic Adventure mode contains all new power ups including rockets and turbo. The new Race modes challenge you to race against critters for hours of fun!
All NEW mini-Bosses ? brings a whole new challenge of gameplay.