Ubi Soft Scores...

...the rights to publish Alex Fergusonís Player Manager 2002.

Posted by Staff
London, 29th November 2001 - It was announced today that Ubi Soft Entertainment has signed a one year exclusive deal with Anco Software Ltd. to publish PC, PlayStation 2 and PSone versions of Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002, sequel to the highly acclaimed Player Manager 2001 released earlier this year.

The deal will allow Ubi Soft to publish and distribute the football management game in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand.

AFPM 2001 on the PlayStation 2 was highly praised in the specialist press upon its release in November 2001, with many hailing it as the best football management game on any console. The new titles will feature up-to-the-minute statistics and player data, a database that tracks the transfers of 35,000 players, more than 500 teams and management staff including Assistant Manager, Dietician and Physio. The PC and PSone versions are expected Q1 2002 and PS2 Q4 2002.

The most in-depth football management game on the market just got deeper.

"I am delighted to announce that Ubi Soft will be publishing AFPM 2002. Not only because there are so many football fans at Ubi Soft, but because the Alex Ferguson games are of an extremely high standard and they will make an excellent addition to our portfolio" stated Jim Hill, Ubi Soft Product Manager.

"The Alex Ferguson brand is going from strength to strength, securing Alex's services for another year guarantees product continuity and puts us in a very strong position for next year" Commented Anco Software's Marketing Director, Saul Leese "Alex Ferguson will remain a prominent figure in English football for years to come and who knows what he'll do next"