F1 Racing Championship

There’s high octane racing to be had from the new contender revving up on the grid.

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There’s high octane racing to be had from the new contender revving up on the grid. It is F1 Racing Championship for Dreamcast, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. Published by Video System and developed by Ubi Soft, F1 Racing Championship is the sequel to the benchmark in racing simulation and set to be the most realistic, challenging and exciting racing game ever released. The Ubi Soft development team have made every effort to achieve the highest quality in-game technology to provide the perfect combination of man & machine. The team has built on the success of their previous Grand Prix games and continue to use their 5 years of FORMULA ONE expertise to push the boundaries of simulation racing with F1 Racing Championship. Expert and ground-breaking techniques are employed to create the most immersive gameplay and graphical environment in any racing game yet, superbly complimented by the pumping sound tracks, hyper-realistic sound effects and impressive cinematic sequences. This is more fun than you can shake a petrol pump at.

Key Features:
All 16 internationally acclaimed circuits of the official FORMULA ONE championship (including Malaysia), taken directly from survey data complete with elevation and trackside objects.

Climb into the cockpit of 11 visually stunning and technically supreme FORMULA ONE cars to experience the magic normally reserved for the professionals

100% exciting: ease on the power and acclimatise to the awesome acceleration and handling as you take centre stage to enjoy the most amazing drive of your life.

Fully modelled cars from each of the 11 official teams recreated with detail and accurate 1999 FOA data. Fantastically accurate 1999 season cars and the actual 22 ranked FORMULA ONE drivers from Schumacher, Frentzen to Hakkinen so that the player can join the race together with them.

Slick presentation with beautifully rendered intros, easy to use menu systems, all with the FOA stamp of approval

The very best graphic environment for console racing (new textures and special effects on PlayStation; 65,000 colors, multi-texturing for true life tracks and cars, and bump mapping on the tracks for the Dreamcast version....)

Stunning in-game graphics with superb attention to detail. Blistering speed sensations whilst you’re zooming around the course. In the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions, every car and location is beautifully and accurately detailed down to the last blade of grass. And if you pick the cockpit view mode, you can even see the driver's head react realistically as you take a corner at high speed.

100% realistic gameplay with exhilarating 3D realism, fantastic 360 degrees of stirring movement and bucket loads of camera angles

Solid game play with 2 styles of racing and car behaviour, arcade or simulation. Arcade lets you pick-up-and-play for a blast of no-seatbelt-style racing, pitting the player against increasingly tricky checkpoints. (Arcade 2-player Dual mode is also available on PSX, Dreamcast and N64)

Alternatively, pump up the realism with a full-on GP Simulation races with 3 levels of difficulty in the PSX, DC and N64 versions - (Amateur, Pro and Expert), you’ll experience what fighting against realistic opponents really means...

Up to 6 game modes including the impressively faithful recreation of the eight month FORMULA ONE season in Championship mode, plus Single Race and Arcade mode

On PSX, N64 and DC : a brand new Driving School Mode allows players to learn the nuances and secrets of racecraft as well as each course’s sweeping curves and undulations

Test your reflexes and co-ordination on high-speed practice runs with Time Attack’s ghost racer with race lines on each course helping you beat that stopwatch (available on the PSX and GBC versions).

Motorised mayhem of multi-play with the 2 player Dual mode (on PSX, Nintendo and DC) - multi-player split-screen racing at its best with up to 11 opponents on Dreamcast.

Improved ‘Catch up’ option to add extra fun on Dreamcast, allowing beginners to race just behind with more accomplished players.

100% challenge provides longevity with technical fine tuning of vehicles from wing angles, suspension, tyres, brakes, steering, body height, gear ratios, fuel levels, driving style .Even your opponents’ AI are all adjustable to several levels in the hunt for glory. Also, each car’s 3D physical car behaviour is tuned by car engineers to give an increased feeling of danger

Original sound tracks in the game and realistic sounds to perfectly reproduce the real engines roars, accelerating and braking

Statistical read-outs at the end of the race helping improve performance for the next race

Attention to detail – FOCA TV display and replays, rear view mirrors in the 3D cockpit view, radio messages, real time weather reports enabling racers to plan pit stop strategies; overheating brakes, oil and water on the track and full implementation of 1999 rules.

Many cameras from the cockpit to the rear views. Unique inside view in the Game Boy Color version!

The best special effects you can find for each format with environmental mapping and spectacular effects (reflections, light and shadow rendering, rainy and sunny skies, smoke) all in a 3D environment and real time.

Close-to-reality Garage Set-ups provide the means to alter car settings to help get the best performance out of a car and achieve the best lap times. Adjustments based on real life physics and engineers’ settings refine the car's behaviour. For instance, if a player likes to use curbs to cut bends, he should have hard springs and dampers to avoid spinning around.

Default values also exist for each individual track so players have basic settings which allow them to make their rough race strategy (fuel, tyres, air, steering type etc..)

Inclusion of a high-quality collision model that provides players with the opportunity to drive authentically. Within the damage mode it’s likely that many car parts from wings to the deflectors, springs to entire wheels will be twisted, mangled, lost or even totally destroyed. Fortunately for the more reckless player this damage mode is optional

Acclaimed opponent-car artificial intelligence; Ubi Soft’s simulation and reality modelling expertise allow the most powerful AI consoles have ever seen

CPU-opponent AI are managed independently from the others, making their own decisions relative to the race environment. Just like real drivers, they can make little faults or very big mistakes with decisions including distance between the leader, the bend, weather and road conditions, and even the distance to the closest wall or sand area. In addition they’re all reactive to genuine FORMULA ONE race parameters (tyres type, fuel quantity and race strategy), as well as each opponent FORMULA ONE drivers being controlled by AI that recreates their individual driving style and personality including anger, experience, speed and proven reliability.

With an atmosphere of realistic action created by the potent mix of crisp yet fluid graphics, authentic sound effects and guitar rock, F1 Racing Championship is the game for the 1999 season that has the excellence and competence to take pole position

PSX and DC versions contain music by Garbage.

F1 Racing Championship will be available for Dreamcast, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color on Q3 2000.
Category: 1-2 players.