WBO Champion Prince Naseem in the all-new PlayStation punch up.

Prince Naseem Hamed faces his toughest challenge yet – against millions of PlayStation gamers in the fight of his life.

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WBO Champion Prince Naseem versus YOU
in the all-new PlayStation punch up.

PlayStation fanatic and 25-year old WBO Featherweight Champion, Prince Naseem Hamed faces his toughest challenge yet – against millions of PlayStation gamers in the fight of his life.

Prince Naseem Boxing is set to dominate the true-to-life fighting games genre and create a dynamic gaming experience for any player. Prince Naseem Boxing delivers three distinct boxing games in one knockout package – from world championship showcase boxing, to hard and fast arcade boxing right through to a management-style world career game.

Like Naz himself, the key to the perfect gameplay is through the speed of play and in the recreation of the adrenaline rushing, intensity of the sport within a video game where snappy punches come from nowhere.

16 individual international boxers, including Naz, are featured in Prince Naseem Boxing’s Showcase (the world championship action option) and Versus (the arcade option) games. In the 1-8 player Showcase game, the player faces each of the boxers in a world tournament league and winning a match against one, ‘unlocks’ another opponent to face.

The action of the Showcase game takes players around the world to 16 international locations ranging from small-town boxing halls, to arenas to full on massive stadiums in Japan, LA, Las Vegas, France, Germany, Russia and the UK.

For a change of pace, Prince Naseem Boxing’s World Game features 90 boxers and offers a strategic approach to boxing management. The World Game is wholly career based, the long-term objective being to manage a chosen boxer through a successful career.

While offering a superb level of management detail, the World Game is not bogged down in over-complicated statistical data; it takes a Tamigotchi-style approach becoming a "Boxergotchi" game of management.

The separate Practice game is set in Naz’s personal training gym and is a game in itself; the gym sessions deliver specialised training coached and voiced by Naz; players are taught boxing skills including defence, movement, punches and dodging & blocking.

Prince Naseem Boxing’s gameplay is all wrapped up in the showbiz presentation of world-class boxing matches, complete with highly excitable action-reactive ring-side audiences and a dynamic Replay mode – where players can direct the television-style sweeping camera angles and see the action. Prince Naseem Boxing lands its punch on PlayStation shortly.