Here's Yet Another Reason to Get Yourself a Dreamcast. What's Your Excuse Now?

Bigben Interactive UK have announced their plans for a new added value Dreamcast bundle.

Posted by Staff
The pack, named and repackaged as the, "Ultimate Dreamcast Pack," will contain all the items that came previously with the Dreamcast and even more besides. From September, if you are buying a Dreamcast, you will also get three classic games and a VMU all for the same price tag of 99.99.

The three games, Virtua Fighter 3, MSR and Jet Set Radio provide an excellent combination of three popular but diverse genres: racing, fighting and action. Virtua Fighter 3 mixes fine fighting action and excellent characters in a quality reworking of the legendary arcade game. Off the wall, Jet Set Radio, sees you skating around the city, tagging walls with graffiti and dodging the police to an excellent sound track. Whilst Metropolis Street Racer's superb handling, 250 circuits and stunning graphics have made it one of the best racers ever.

The Ultimate Dreamcast Pack has been devised to give the new Dreamcast owner a fantastic choice of games and both the accessories needed for instantaneous play and gratification. With a game to suit everyone bundled inside, it will be the ultimate gaming experience.

The Ultimate Dreamcast Pack, will be available across the UK from the 22nd of September 2001.