Codemasters Brings Popular MTV Music Generator to PC Platform.

Codemasters continues to rock the music-loving world by bringing its extremely popular MTV Music Generator to the PC CD-ROM.

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Codemasters Brings Popular MTV Music Generator to PC Platform on heels of Success of Recently Released PSX Version.

PC Users Can Produce Their Own Grunge, Rock, Rap or Dance Tunes Easily, Inexpensively and Jam Online Over the Net

Warwickshire, England, UK – April 17, 2000 – Codemasters continues to rock the music-loving world by bringing its extremely popular MTV Music Generator to the PC CD-ROM. The company released its PlayStation version of the unique and easy-to-use music creation software in late 1999. The PC version, also branded with the MTV name, will be available at US retailers nationwide in mid-May for a suggested retail price of $29.99, making nearly professional-level music creation a reality for the public at large.

Music enthusiasts and recording engineer-wannabes who have balked at spending the several hundred, or even thousand, dollars needed to acquire professional caliber music software will find in MTV Music Generator all the features and capabilities they’d expect to find in the costlier products. Building in a framework of 99 available recording channels, users can create original music -- and 3D videos, as well -- by manipulating thousands of pre-recorded riffs and instrumental sounds. They can even jam online, over the internet, or via a LAN.

"After the tremendous reception the PlayStation version of the product has received in the US during the past holiday season, we’re thrilled to now be able to offer the same experience to PC owners. The PC is, by its very nature, able to offer more than the PlayStation can in terms of memory storage and such. Creating, recording and saving one’s musical creations is even more simple than before," he added.

MTV Music Generator allows musical novices -- or those more experienced -- to create original soundtracks by composing pieces note-by-note, or by using the song-mixing desk to utilize countless combinations of the over 1,000 pre-recorded sample riffs and the over 3,000 instrumental sounds and effects. Users can also record samples taken directly from their own audio CDs and mix those song snippets right into their original creations.

Sound processing effects such as reverb, chorus and delay features make it possible to personalize each musical composition even further. Users can import and export their musical samples as WAV files (standard sound format for PCs).

A live, online 4-person jam session is only a couple of clicks away, with the easy-to-use jam mode. Other special features in the PC version include plug-in effects and two on-screen mini-piano-keyboards that can be played by using the computer keyboard. There is also midi-in support that makes it possible to create tunes by playing on an electronic keyboard.

The auto-generate feature, which lets the player select from hundreds of pre-produced video effects and images lets aspiring electronic composers become music video producers, as well. Hi-res graphics using 3D card technology make the videos created in the PC version even more visually stunning than those done on the predecessor version on PSX.