Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing is a surefire way to get you hooked.

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Sega Bass Fishing, the hit game that lured gamers to the arcade is coming to Dreamcast and it'll get you hooked! Sega Bass Fishing truly simulates the feeling of sports-fishing in a full 3D virtual lake. Waiting patiently for a tug at your
lure, until BAM! you got a bass! Just hold on tight, reel it in, and don't break that line! Three modes are included in this version, making for non-stop fun for all levels of expertise. A special motion-sensitive fishing controller with vibrational feedback is available to make gameplay even more realistic, allowing you to cast your line and reel in the fish when you feel it tugging.

Three special modes to choose from: "Original Mode" a Dreamcast exclusive, offers participation in the Sega Bass Fishing Association, with four locations including morning, afternoon and evening tournaments; "Arcade Mode" lets
fishermen compete against the clock and "Practice Mode" gives lots of time for practice.

Dreamcast's 3D graphics capabilities make for stunning real-life effects. Sunlight reflections bounce perfectly off ripples in the lake, lifelike wiggling fish, complete with blank stares and moving gills, swim about in the murky depths, testing your ability to "lure" them in.

Choosing a different casting point, using different strategies for each area, and a large lure selection makes for true-to-life fishing.

RELEASE DATE APRIL 14th 2000 RRP 39.99

For further information on Sega Bass Fishing please contact:
Pete Devery, 0171 471 6838
Switchboard, 0171 371 3333

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James Bevan
SVG Crave Entertainment 0208 968 8088

Cathryn Clements
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