The Monster Academy Wants You.

Disney/Pixar's Monsters is an action platform game based on the upcoming Walt Disney Company and Pixar?s Holiday 2001 animated feature film release.

Posted by Staff
Since the very first bedtime, children around the world have known that once their parents tuck them into bed and turn off the lights, there are monsters that lie waiting behind the closet door, ready to emerge. But what they don?t realize is that these monsters scare children because they have to. It?s their job. You see, in the monster?s world, the screams of the children they scare are collected and then used as fuel or energy in which they live off.

All of the true masters learned the tricks of the trade at the same place ? the Monster Academy ? and as luck would have it, you?ve just been enrolled.

Key Features:
Disney/Pixar?s new Holiday release comes to life on the PlayStation game console bringing this animated film experience to life.

More than 15 monstrous zones! Each level remains faithful to the film environments and is filled with action platform elements, tons of exploration, puzzles and comically scary activities.

Master the art of terrifying little children. But it isn?t as easy as it may seem. Complete a series of exercises designed to hone your scaring abilities, sharpen your scaring tactics, and learn to improvise in order to deal with the capricious nature of the real world.

Assume the role of either Sully or Mike, the two main characters from the film and make your way through a series of Training Levels. Navigate through numerous obstacles and challenges in an attempt to locate and scare small creatures known as Nerves, and fill the Scare Canisters.

Enjoy true, signature action gameplay ? featuring all the characters of Disney/Pixar?s Monsters, Inc. and maintaining its imaginative, not-so-scary humorous story.