World's Most Popular First Home Entertainment Platform Now Enables Internet Media Delivery

Sony Computer Entertainment and RealNetworks form strategic alliance to include RealPlayer on PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and RealNetworks, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance to embed industry-leading RealPlayer 8 and other RealNetworks client technologies on SCEI's PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the PlayStation 2 Software Development Kit (SDK). This integration will enable the more than 10 million users of PlayStation 2 to enjoy their favorite Internet media, including sports, breaking news and entertainment, through RealPlayer.

"Our goal is to revolutionize the home entertainment market and even communication itself with PlayStation and PlayStation 2, the most prevailing entertainment platforms in the world," said Ken Kutaragi, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Streaming media integration will vastly enrich the computer entertainment world PlayStation has built up to date. While envisioning the direct download of digital content from the network in the coming broadband era, we will obtain digital streaming and downloadable media using current networks, by integrating into PlayStation 2 the world's most popular Internet media delivery client, RealPlayer. As the world of gaming and the Internet merge, so too will entertainment and communication."

"Through this exciting collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment, we will provide consumers the ability to enjoy their favorite Internet media through the most popular digital home entertainment platform in history," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc. "One of RealNetworks' core objectives is to enable consumers to experience their favorite Internet media wherever and whenever they want, and our universal media delivery system allows us to provide this experience on any device and on any platform."

As a result of today's announcement, current and future PlayStation 2 owners can extend the use of their PlayStation 2 to enjoy a wide array of streaming and downloadable audio and video content, including more than 2500 Internet radio stations. With more than 200 million unique registered users worldwide, RealPlayer is the world's most popular media player and one of the most popular applications on the Internet. In addition, over 85 percent of web pages that feature streaming media use RealNetworks' format.

As part of this alliance, Dynamic Network Authentication System, a newly developed proprietary authentication system for PlayStation 2, developed by Sony Computer Entertainment will leverage RealNetworks' RealSystem iQ technologies to establish a highly-secured copy management system.

For game developers, this announcement means that they will be able to use the latest RealPlayer technology to revolutionize game design and architecture. Incorporating streaming media into games through the PlayStation 2 SDK will enhance the possibilities in creating games and provide new experiences to game players.

With PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Sony Computer Entertainment will create and develop a new world of computer entertainment for the broadband era through the fusion of game, music, movies, and broadcasting.