Denki Restructures

Reshuffle at Scottish developer

Posted by Staff
Dundee, UK, September 9th, 2008. Denki, the award-winning Scottish game developer today completed a radical restructure, which builds on the company's success to date and positions Denki at the forefront of the rapidly evolving videogames industry.

Denki has set up a new Internal Development team, which will focus on the creation of new and original intellectual property across all platforms.

This team will build on the work of Denki's existing External Development team, which over the past eight years has created over 170 individual titles for digital television alone. This makes Denki one of the world's most prolific games studios, a leader in interactive digital television (iDTV) gaming and a trusted content developer for many of the world's largest media companies and brand owners including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Hasbro and DreamWorks.

The new Internal Development team is lead by Gary Penn, industry veteran and official games legend. The External team is lead by Richard Ralfe, who has led development on over 100 Denki games.

Colin Anderson, the managing director of Denki, said, ?The games market evolves incredibly quickly worldwide. New technologies, new routes to market and new devices capable of playing games are appearing all the time. This gives developers an amazing opportunity to reach whole new audiences and create entirely new types of game. Denki has pioneered accessible gaming over the last eight years, through the televisions in people's homes. We're now moving forward to ensure we can use this experience and expertise to work in all of the other broad, accessible channels in which people are now finding and playing games.

?By creating two dedicated development teams, we can continue our award winning work on digital television, designing and developing playable, popular titles for our partners. At the same time we ensure that we have a constant flow of new concepts and ideas from our designers, which will give Denki an unrivalled portfolio of original content for all of the new platforms, devices and channels where people play.?

The Internal team's focus is the creation of new genres and styles of gaming, which can work across all of the new devices capable of playing games, including the virtual consoles, PC's, handhelds, mobile phones and other consumer gadgets.

Denki's Internal development team is already working on a wide range of original new titles covering an incredible range of genres and game styles. These include, a single-button action/puzzle title in which the player controls a hot-air balloon. A cartoon-style strategy game - with a unique spelling and word-creation twist, described as a 'Risk-style strategy game, in which words are your weapons'. A new skill game in which players must build tanks and military vehicles, which are then thrown into battle; as well as whole host of other titles, which we're having trouble even describing ? all of which will be announced in the near future.

Gary Penn, head of Denki's Internal Development team, said, ?The new titles from Denki incorporate many new and different styles of play. Some offer different takes on existing game types, while others give the player something wholly new. The internal development process encourages every Denki employee to create and submit new concepts and has already brought some really interesting new ideas to light. This gives us a chance to play with some unorthodox ideas, which are working their way into a number of new titles that are very unusual and enjoyable. The market is at the perfect point for new types of content. Even experienced players are realising that games can be fun and original. We're really looking forward to introducing people to our new titles.?

Richard Ralfe, head of Denki's External Development team, said, ?Denki is now recognised as a world leader in the development of branded and original iDTV games, which have proven themselves incredibly popular time and time again and provide real long-term enjoyment for audiences worldwide. We're enormously proud of the work we've done to date. With more and more people now realising they can play and enjoy games on their TVs, we're looking forward to working with both our existing and future customers on projects such as iPTV. Denki's expertise and understanding in these areas is already delivering dividends for our partners as they explore these new areas.?

Denki has achieved a huge amount of recognition since it was established in 2000. Most recently, the company received the TIGA 2007 BEST INDEPENDENT DEVELOPER award, for the greatest contribution to independent game development in the UK. The company has also received multiple awards and award nominations ? including BAFTA nominations for individual titles.

Since 2000, Denki has released over 170 individual titles for interactive Digital Television, across both MediaHighway and OpenTV platforms. These titles have covered all genres, including puzzle, action/adventure, education, word, arcade, sports, quiz, parlour, time management, rhythm/action and shoot-em-up games.

The company has worked, either directly or through its partners, with almost all of the world's largest media companies, brand owners and content publishers, including Disney, Universal Studios, Celador, Endemol, Hasbro, Atari, Aardman, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Namco, Sky Sports, The Tetris Company, Channel 4, Eidos and Mattel.