Pharaoh's Kingdom Expands

Havas Interactive creates two new jewels in the Nile.

Posted by Staff
Pharaoh's kingdom expands.

Havas Interactive creates two new jewels in the Nile; an official expansion and downloadable enhancement pack for Pharaoh.

March 3, 2000: Sierra and Impressions Games today announce the release of Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra, which will be available on PC CD-ROM in
July 2000.

Developed for Impressions Games by Breakaway Games (who most recently developed Sid Meier's Antietam!), Cleopatra will contain four new campaigns for the award-winning strategic city-building game Pharaoh, allowing gamers to
experience the final years of ancient Egyptian history through 15 totally new scenarios.

Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra contains many additions to expand the breadth of Pharaoh's gameplay while maintaining its challenge and addictiveness.
These new features include new scenarios, industries, enemies, buildings, walkers, animals, decorations and monuments.

Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra picks up where the original game left off, at the end of the New Kingdom. Players play four campaigns with 15 new missions
and many new challenges, which vary from building the Lighthouse at Alexandria, to battling grave robbers and joining Mark Antony in his battle against Octavian. Also, players will sometimes be able to 'carry over' military troops and personal wealth from one scenario to the next.

In addition to the Official Expansion to Pharaoh, Impressions Games will also make available as a free download the Pharaoh Enhancement Pack, offering gamers
a host of new missions and features. The Enhancement Pack can be downloaded at,,,, and, with localised versions for each European

The Enhancement Pack, which is Windows 2000 compatible, includes a scenario editor (allowing gamers to create and customise their own missions), a version
update and 20 new missions from Impressions Games.

"This is what Pharaoh fans have been waiting for," observes Lisa Humphries, Product Manager at Havas Interactive UK. "These expansions give Pharaoh not one,
but two new leases of life that will make Pharaoh even more playable."