Sega Europe Announces Lucasarts As New Third Party Publisher For Dreamcast

Acclaimed Star Wars: Episode I Racer Videogame Coming to Sega Dreamcast

Posted by Staff
London - (January 31, 2000) - Sega Europe announced today that it has signed up LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, as a new third party publisher for its 128-bit, Dreamcast, the most powerful video games console ever created.

Starting with Star Wars Episode I Racer, LucasArts has committed to publishing additional titles in the future, adding to Sega's long list of third party publishers and developers for Dreamcast. Taking advantage of the Dreamcast's Internet capabilities, Star Wars: Episode I Racer will allow players to post high scores to the Dreamcast Network, adding an all new element of competition to gameplay. Star Wars: Episode I Racer adds its name to the already long but still growing list of titles available on Dreamcast.

LucasArts plans to focus their creative efforts on harnessing the power of their Dreamcast titles. Star Wars: Episode I Racer will not only include a unique high score posting ability via the Dreamcast Network, but also will showcase high resolution graphics and pre-rendered cut scenes.

JF Cecillon, Chief Executive Officer, Sega Europe commented. "Sega Europe is very excited to have LucasArts on board as a publisher. They have outstanding pedigree and, in addition to Star Wars, they will bring some great new content to Dreamcast in the future. LucasArts and its fantastic Star Wars series is another fantastic addition to the fast growing list of publishers producing titles for Dreamcast"

"With Star Wars: Racer's graphic realism and speed, it is the ideal title with which to debut on Sega Dreamcast," said Mary Bihr, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for LucasArts. "There are more exciting titles to come from LucasArts and we look forward to supporting Sega's continued success in the videogame console market."

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